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Before you can download FS Flight Keeper you'll need to retrieve a trial version license. After this registration an email with the license information will be automatically send to you and you can start using FS Flight Keeper for the next 30 days. The trial version of FS Flight Keeper is identical to the full version except for some small limitations:
  • Only one Pilot and Logbook can be created
  • Only three flights can be stored in the Database at a time
  • Export of Reports, Logbooks, Flights via Mail is not possible (sending PIREPs via Web is possible)
  • No manual download of METARs
  • No automatic download of METARs for navigation points (or the position report)
  • Instant Messaging is not available
  • Hotkeys can be configured, but are not activated
  • Some ACARS Device functions are not available:

    • System Status
    • Aircraft Status
    • Weather for the next and after next waypoints
    • Airport Information
    • Navaid Information

  • World Map limitations:

    • Saving the map display is not possible
    • No AI Traffic display
    • No weather display
    • No flight events will be displayed
    • No printing allowed

After purchasing FS Flight Keeper the only thing you need to do is to change your key and you have the full version.

Please enter your Name and Email address. Be sure that the address is valid or you won't get the trial key.

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